Experience the Best of Lisbons Green Initiatives with Our Sustainable Tour Packages.

Experience the Best of Lisbons Green Initiatives with Our Sustainable Tour Packages.

Experience the Best of Lisbon's Green Initiatives with Our Sustainable Tour Packages

Lisbon: A City in the Forefront of Sustainable Tourism

Lisbon, the sunny capital of Portugal, has been making big strides in promoting sustainable tourism practices. With the recognition that tourism is a major driver of the city's economy, efforts have been made to leverage this fact to drive a sustainable future. It is no wonder then that the city was awarded the title of European Green Capital in 2020.

From renewable energy initiatives to reducing waste and carbon emissions, Lisbon has been a trailblazer for other cities to follow suit. To allow visitors to explore Lisbon's sustainability efforts firsthand, sustainable tour packages offered by tour agencies are now the way to go.

What Our Sustainable Tour Packages Have to Offer

Our sustainable tour packages are for visitors who seek to explore the city while promoting responsible tourism practices. These tours are designed to highlight Lisbon's best sustainability practices while leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

We have different tour packages that you can choose from based on your interests, schedule, and budget. Our packages range from eco-walking tours, where you can discover the city's lush green spaces, to bike tours, where you can explore the streets while supporting alternative modes of transportation.

Our tours also take visitors to areas where the locals have adopted sustainable practices, such as organic markets, zero-waste shops, and community gardens. All these stops give visitors the chance to learn from local eco-entrepreneurs and get inspired to take home some of the sustainable practices back to their homes.

The Benefits of Sustainable Tourism in Lisbon

Sustainable tourism practices do not just benefit the environment; they also mainly contribute to the local economy. By promoting sustainable tourism, we help support small, locally owned shops and restaurants that proudly serve locally sourced food.

Moreover, sustainable tourism helps preserve the historical, cultural, and natural resources that make Lisbon such a beautiful city to visit. By choosing a sustainable tour package, visitors can be part of the solution rather than the problem by ensuring the longevity of the city's resources.


Lisbon has set an excellent example for other cities to follow when it comes to promoting sustainable tourism. Our sustainable tour packages offer visitors a chance to explore the city's eco-friendly initiatives, support local businesses, and learn how to promote sustainable practices.

At the end of the day, it is our responsibility, as visitors, to reduce our impact on the planet while enjoying all it has to offer. Join us on one of our sustainable tour packages and let us together make Lisbon a greener, more sustainable city for everyone.

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